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The Brian Keith Process

The Brian Keith Pools way of doing business focuses on the two most important factors in building your pool...Customer service and custom work. No two customers are alike and we make sure your pool is just as unique. Starting with a comprehensive free in-home consultation, we get right down to what matters to you. Making a personal and financial decision on a swimming pool is important, so you can expect honest, objective answers to your questions. 

Brian Keith personally oversees every pool and construction project. With a trained eye developed in over a decade of pool building, Brian's standards are exceedingly high. From the proper dig, to concrete pour, down to the smallest details that only a professional would recognize. Brian finishes with one goal in mind...

To make sure your dream pool becomes a reality.

Why Choose Us?

  • All-in-one pricing. Based on your budget, the price you agree upon is the price. No surprises.
  • Brian runs an efficient, low-overhead company which allows him to offer the most competitive pricing in the region.
  • Presonalized service. There are no "middle men". You'll be dealing with Brian himself throughout the timeline of your project.
  • Using only the highest quality materials, Brian Keith Pools delivers state-of-the-art design styles, options, and equipment.
  • Brian Keith Pools is fully licensed, bonded and insured and also a proud member of the Capital Region Builders Assoc.

Meet The BKP Team

Our Customers Say: 

“We spent almost two years looking for a pool builder we were comfortable with. After we met with Brian, we knew the wait was over. He spent time with us designing a pool that I didn't think was possible. Best decision we've ever made. ”
Mike G., Prairieville


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