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Construction Timeline

We like to be timely and transparent. Below you'll find our

step-by-step process on your pool build. 


35% at signing of contract. Please note, the “typical” time frame for building your pool is 8-12 weeks from the day actual construction begins with good weather. Please be aware, because of extenuating circumstances we are still dealing with because of Covid, delays on some products is still happening. This time could potentially take longer.



Brian Keith Pools submits a copy of your swimming pool blueprint and engineering to the building department for approval. The permit and copy of the plans will be placed in a plastic pouch, which should be posted near your pool construction area throughout construction. Please leave it there until your final inspection is obtained. Some parishes do NOT require a permit.



Prior to the excavation of your pool, we will call LaOneCall to have them contact all service companies in your area. The service companies in your area will then contact us clearing the area and/or place flags in your yard where lines are located. Please leave these in place until excavation.



Your salesperson and our excavation crew will first layout the shape of your pool, at which time we will need your approval of the location. Once this is approved, we will proceed with excavating and hand contouring your pool. This generally takes one day to dig the pool. It is Important to have the coping and waterline tile selections made by this time if not already done. Failure to do so can result in construction delays.

The steel reinforcing bars for the main support structure of your swimming pool will usually be installed within a few days after excavation. It is important NOT to allow children in or around the
pool once the hole is dug
. Cave-ins can happen and result in injury or death. Brian Keith Pools will do whatever we can to prevent 
cave-ins. Should any part of the pool slough off due to poor soil conditions or weather (rain)…there may be an additional charge to repair the damage.



Next, swimming pool piping, valves, electrical bonding, and electrical run for the filter pump and underwater light conduits are installed. This includes the placement of equipment and full pressure testing of all plumbing lines. It is important all plumbing remain pressured at 35 psi until AFTER the decking in poured. Some loss of pressure is expected over time. If we have an issue with plumbing, we would like to know about it prior to or during the deck being poured. Some jobs will require the equipment to be set later…this is usually done to keep the equipment from being damaged. Equipment will be UNDER PRESSURE!!! Do NOT try to remove the lid on the pumps or open the cartridge filter!!! They WILL explode!

The pre-gunite inspection is to check the placement of steel and bonding of the light niches as well as inspection of the plumbing. Unfortunately, the building departments will not set a specific time for their arrival, so it is necessary for your yard to be accessible and to have pets contained. The inspector will arrive between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. When the inspection is completed, the inspector will turn in the approval whereby we get a phone call and email. The next phase of construction will be scheduled.



After your pool passes the Pre-gunite Inspection, the gunite trucks and crews will be scheduled. The gunite (sand cement mixture) is shot through hoses onto the steel structure. At this point you will begin to see the true shape of your swimming pool. The gunite crew will shape the bottom, sides and steps. Please not steps are not formed with rebar…they are solid Gunite.


Starting the day after Gunite, you will need to wet down your swimming pool to insure proper curing of the shell. This should be done 2 times a day for 5 days through the summer months, when the temperatures are high. Hint: Place your water hose with a sprinkler head in your swimming pool. A timer is helpful if you have one.


This is when your 2nd contract payment, 35% of the contract price is due. Please let us know what time is convenient and we can meet you somewhere or come by your home.



The coping and tile are installed on the perimeter of the pool.

This is when your 3rd contract payment, 25% of the contract price is due. Please let us know what time is convenient and we can meet you somewhere or come by your home.



A decking crew will now arrive to grade the area around your swimming pool. They will also be placing forms for the shape of your decking. It is at this time, if you would like changes in the layout to make this decision.



The inspector is checking the bonding and the grade of the deck if required.



Before we pour your deck, we will need to get your final approval. Sometimes decks are formed and poured the same day. At this time, you will also need to supply your gates with self-closing and self-latching devices. Self-closing/latching gates are NOT required in all parishes. If you are in question as to what devices are required for your remaining inspections, please contact our office for the information. Fencing and gates must be completed prior to final inspection.



At this inspection the building department will inspect to see that fences are enclosing the pool and that all gates or door openings are equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices designed to keep gates and doors securely closed at all times. They may also be inspecting to see that swimming pool lights and/or equipment are installed. These requirements vary from parish to parish. Most parishes and cities require door alarms on all doors going into the pool area. If alarms are required, it will be necessary for you to be home the day of the inspection. Ask your salesmen or call the office for these requirements. Most parishes in our area do not inspect for this, but it is highly recommended to always have gates that lock at this point.



The plaster prep crew will arrive to prepare the pool shell for plaster along with the clean-up crew to remove construction debris from your yard. This crew completes its work in one day so if you have specific concerns about your cleanup or would like to be present when it is done, please contact our office. 


Keep in mind that placing your pool in the yard may change the grade, elevation and contour of the yard which may affect drainage. Unless specified on your contract we have not contracted for landscape grading or drainage and this work will be the responsibility of the Homeowner or landscaper.



This is the final phase in the construction of your swimming pool. A plaster truck and crew will arrive and set up hoses to pump the plaster into your swimming pool. They will usually access your back yard through the side gate, from the street, with hoses extending to the swimming pool. The crew will then apply, and hand trowel the plaster.


This is when your 4th contract payment, the final 5% (minus $500) is due, please let me know what time is convenient and I will meet you somewhere or come by your home. There is a $500 dollar hold out until final completion.

When they have completed plastering they will place your water hose in the swimming pool to begin filling from the deep end. Let the swimming pool fill to the middle of the tile line and then turn the water off. It should take approximately 24 hours to fill. Stopping the water before it reaches the middle of the tile can result in a ring around the pool. If you add a second hose, the tip must be wrapped in a cloth to diffuse the water. The additional hose must also be place in the water of the deep end and then turned on. Turning on the water and letting it run down the wall or across the floor will likely result in a water streak that will NOT come out. When the water on top of a tanning ledge dries while filling the pool, it will leave a water spot. This is easily removed…don’t panic! Brian Keith Pools makes no warranty or guarantees to the finished color of the pool plaster or water color. Mottling is inherent in all pools and cannot be avoided. Expect to have some spots, streaking and staining. If your swimming pool is a pool/spa combination, when the pool is full to mid tile, place the water hose in the spa to fill from bottom to top. Once your pool is full it is important for you to brush all surfaces with the long pole and brush which is provided in your equipment package. This is necessary for a smooth plaster finish and to get all the plaster dust circulated into the filter system. Please do this twice a day for the first 10 days.


Please let us know ahead of time if you have any concerns or items you would like taken care of before plaster, otherwise, a punch list of any concerns you may have will be compiled at start-up when we “walk through” your new pool with you. This punch list will be handled by our staff in a timely manner.



Brian Keith Pools will be at your home within a few days of the pool being filled to get your equipment running. We provide you with your first 30 days of chemical service. It is the customer’s responsibility to learn how to test your water. A Taylor Test kit is provided along with a “Pool School” manual on what to do.

Once the pool in started up…here are the instructions for the 1st month.

  • Brush the pool twice a day for the first 10 days.

  • Keep 1 chlorine tablet in each skimmer unless you have an inline chlorinator. When it disappears add another. Never drop the chlorine tablet directly in the pool. It WILL leave a black stain on the plaster.

  • Add approximately 1 quart of acid once a week. This may vary with the size of the pool, but most pools fit this quantity. You MUST fill a bucket with water about ½ way, add the acid to the water, stir and then pour in the pool while the equipment is running. NEVER pour acid directly into the water or you run the risk it settles at the bottom and eats the main drain or the plaster.

  • Add Swimtrine as per instructions on the bottle once every 2 weeks. Please be careful when adding…it doesn’t potentially cause eye damage…It WILL cause eye damage.

  • Add Super Blue if necessary but use SPARINGLY!!!

  • For the first 10 days…the plaster will still be curing underwater. It is important NOT to put furniture on the tanning bed until after this time.

  • The pool CANNOT be vacuumed for the first 10 days. There will be sand and dirt in the bottom until vacuumed.

  • The pool sweep cannot be added until AFTER we have reached 21 days. This is as per manufacturing instructions for the proper treatment of plaster!!!


  • NO FURNITURE on the pool decking for 7 days after SunDeck is applied!!! You can walk on it after 24 hours…just NO furniture for the first 7 days.

  • Start checking your water once a week with the test kit provided…check Chlorine, Ph. and Alkalinity once a week. Check stabilizer and calcium once every 3 months.

  • If you have a salt water pool, add the bags of salt to your pool by simply cutting the bags open and pouring directly into the pool. Note, if you have a salt water pool, salt cannot be added on start up. It will be 21 days before it can be added.

  • Pool sweep is set up and ready to go…we prefer the electric pool sweeps.

If there are any punch items remaining to be completed…they will be completed in a timely manner.

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